Gettysburg Adventist Christian School

Helping Me Be the Me God Made Me to Be
Gettysburg Adventist Christian School
 A Leader in Multi-Grade , STEM,
and Student-centered Education
 Grades 1-8

Why Consider an Adventist Education?

  • The Adventist School system is the largest  Protestant school system in the world.
  • Adventist education has stood the test of time and has always been associated with excellence, since it's beginning in the 1850's.
  • Recent research and studies conclude that multii-grade, multi-age classrooms provide one of the most effective means of educating children in the market today. 
  • Our Principal and teachers are specialists in multi-grade, studenter- teaching. 
Our student to teacher ratio averages 10:1, much like Montessori. Like all Adventist schools we are open to all  families who desire a safe environment to  learn Christian values and maintain high academic standards.