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Welcome to the registration process for the school year 2016-2017. Please submit the following materials as soon as possible in order to guarantee a spot for your child. If you are a returning student you may simply update your existing application and sign a new financial agreement.
1.      Submit a completed application with your contact, and emergency information.
2.      Sign a 2016-2017 financial agreement, if you have questions contact the school treasurer.
3.      Pay the $355 registration fee.
4.      Select your payment option.
5.      New enrollees, and those entering 3rd or 7th grade must have a physical and dental examination.
6.      New enrollees must have a copy of their birth certificate and immunization records.
7.      Financial Aid requests must be submitted to the Finance Committee for review.

Payment Options
  1. Pay in 10 monthly installments,  If you fall behind more than two months you will have to use the   FACTS tuition management system.
  2. Use the FACTS tuition management system (10 monthly payments plus a $40 set-up fee) found on the school’s website
  3. Pay in Full (PIF) 5% discount
  4. Pay per semester in advance (no discount).
*Registration Fee (Covers curriculum/STEM products, field trips, student events, year book,    
                                student insurance, and graduation)
Grades 1-8                                                      $ 355.00 (must be paid before student attends)        
Yearly Tuition (May be done in 10 Payments)
Grades 1-8                                                      $ 3,500.00                         
*Registration fees are refundable under the following conditions: 1. Your child has not been accepted. 2. You have decided on another educational option within 4 weeks of attending.
Registration Forms and Charts
 New Students Information
Please feel free to call the school to set time for
parents and student to meet with the Principal.  
If interested in applying to the school, please fill out

Once the 'New Student Application' has been accepted, the following forms are required to complete 
the Admissions process:

Registration Packet
Transcript Transfer Request
School Physical Form
Dental Report Form
Original Birth Certificate
Immunization Record
Financial Assistant Application (Optional)

School Forms

Absence Tardy Slip
Absence Request Form

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