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Busing & Closing Information
School Closing Information
The School Calendar will inform parents/guardians of any special days and vacations. These dates may be subject to change. Parents/guardians are encouraged to read the weekly school newsletter, notices, and the calendar up-dates, as well as our website to stay informed regarding any calendar changes, deletions, or additions.
Weather related cancellations, closings, late starts, or early dismissals will be announced in the following ways:
  • Our school will follow Gettysburg Area School District delays, early dismissals, and cancellations for weather related emergencies.
  • Additional information will be provided via local television and radio: Ch. 8 WGAL, FOX 43, and WGET (1320). As necessary, you may also be contacted by personal telephone call, email, or other means.
  • If students are already at school when Gettysburg Area School District calls for an early dismissal, we will dismiss your child when your local school district transportation is able to pick up your child (times will vary between districts) or when you or your designated driver arrives for pick up.
Notify your bus driver or school district with any and all changes to bussing arrangements. 
Please check the calendars below of the school district you reside.  Ocassionally there is a difference with Gettysburg and you will have to make arrangements with your school district for busing, if necessary. 
Bermudian Springs 528-4113 Ext. 1705  
Conewago Valley 624-2157  
Fairfield 642-2028  
Gettysburg 334-6254  
Littlestown 359-4146 Ext. 1271  
Upper Adams 677-7191 Ext. 2711