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Importing Calendar to My Google Calendar
​Importing this Google Calendar to your own Google Calendar is TOO easy.  All you have to do is:
  1. ​Click the link on the bottom right of the actual calendar and it will automatically save to your Google Calendar. 
  2. You can then view and add the MyGACS dates to your calendar by opening your own Google Calendar by activating the Gettysburg Adventist School Calendar in the OTHER CALENDAR link on the left sidebar on your Google Calendar page. 
  3. Simply locate the Gettysburg Adventist School calendar in your list of OTHER CALENDARS and activate it by clicking on it.  All the dates should now appear on your calendar.
  4. If that fails you can go to your Google Calendar and on the left sidebar under OTHER CALENDARS type and enter:
  5. If all this fails call me at 717-836-6752 (Sue)
Please note that this is the optimal way to stay in informed because all new events and changes to the School Calendar, made by the principal, will automatically update in your Google Calendar in real time.