Gettysburg Adventist Christian School

Helping Me Be the Me God Made Me to Be
Mission/ Philosophy

The Gettysburg Seventh-day Adventist School family exists to:
 show children Jesus, 
         nurture their love for Him and others, 
             teach them to think, and 
                  empower them to serve.


Administrative Goals and Philosophy
The multi-grade multi-age classroom setting has been shown through practice and research to be an ideal setting for the nurture of the whole child.  The multi-grade environment is fostered here because it promotes the development of self-esteem, leadership skills, compassion for others, accelerated verbal and vocabulary development, and healthy social-emotional and academic growth. Dozens of studies indicate that these benefits are not as fully realized in the age-segregated classroom. This teaching discipline accelerates a better understanding of our school community and takes full advantage of the benefits of cognitive learning that happens naturally between older and younger students.  Our school environment has something to offer that many other schools in the area do not.  

It is essential that a strong relationship with Christ and a sense of value and respect for self and others are central to healthy social, emotional, spiritual, and academic development.  It is vital that the school environment be a place where students and parents feel safe to be themselves, realize that we all have strengths and weaknesses, and discover that God welcomes diversity.

Respect is an important key in the development of positive relationships and it is our utmost goal to demonstrate the notion that respect is a gift that teachers and students give to each other.  By practicing fairness and consistency, and disciplining with dignity, we model respect toward one another and teach Christ’s compassion through example.  As part of the daily interchange, students are taught how to communicate effectively with adults and peers when conflicts or difficulties arise.  Basic skills such as how to make “I” statements are practiced.  In the classroom we learn that it is the responsibility of each member of the class to support each other member to achieve success.  The students and teacher must become a learning team. 

A cheerful welcoming school environment also helps to set a mood for learning.  Smiles and courtesy are key components of respect.  Our administrative/ teaching staff are constantly accessible to listen with an understanding heart.  It is our goal, as we share ideas, pinpoint areas of need, and seek solutions that our school will become a better place for all. 

It is the prayer of the administrative and teaching staff, here at the Gettysburg Adventist Christian School that Christ will be seen in our school, that children will thrive and learn as they fulfill God’s purpose for life in this world and the world to come.