Gettysburg Adventist Christian School

Helping Me Be the Me God Made Me to Be
Financial Aid Information
Gettysburg Seventh-day Adventist Church School
2007-2008 Financial Assistance
Our Mission: “Educating students to serve God and mankind – now and for eternity.”
Funded By
Three-Way Plan Scholarship
2 students per year—Adventist or Non-Adventist from 2 separate families
$450 total for year (given at end of year)
Ask for and submit the “Three-Way Plan” application and meet requirements, including IRS financial needs. January 15 Conference deadline.
$150 from each: Conference K-8 Plan, Church (Worthy Student Fund), & School (H&S Association)
Osa Benito Scholarship
3 Students each school year
$500 per student for year 2006-07, $500 per student for year 2007-08, and $500 per student for year 2008-09; Total of $4,500.
School Board determines recipients. No application to complete. Submit letter requesting assistance.
A local Adventist family that raised and sold puppies.
Worthy Student Fund Scholarship
To those that apply and qualify. Limited to first-come, first serve.
Ranges from $35 to $105 per month for families
Based on number of students a family has in school and income; Ask for and submit application.
Our Local Church Congregation
PA Conference
K-8 Student Financial Aid
Elementary students in our school and other Adventist schools across Penna.
$5,000 is awarded in January and $5,000 in June of each year. Recipients are ultimately determined by a Conference Committee.
The Principal submits a written request (signed by the Pastor & Board Chair) explaining expenses/ circumstances and student citizenship. Credited to student account at end of school year.
Elementary Endowment Fund from an anonymous giver.
Church Appeal
Those in Need
Upon request and approval of the School Board an appeal is sometimes made in the Church Bulletin to help certain unnamed students.
Our Local Church Congregation
Other Church Scholarships
Students from other Churches
(such as Waynesboro Adventist)
$50 per month per student or as specified
Subject to their Constituency vote each year. Inquire from Pastor.
Local Churches
Grandparent’s Plan
Grandchildren of
Gettysburg Adventist Church members
Constituency (Gettysburg Adventist Church member) rate for grandchild(ren)—save $40-50 per month
A grandparent must be a member of the Gettysburg Adventist Church and sign as the one financially responsible.
Our Local Church Congregation
Student Fundraising Projects
Student tuition directly
Projects are established by School. Student or family must sell on own. Ex. Sell $7 candle and $3 is applied toward individual account.
Sales of Product
Blue Mountain Academy 8th Grade Graduate Scholarship
The 8th Grade Graduate of our school with the highest score above 75th percentile on IOWA Test.
The amount is applied toward enrollment in their school. Principal determines and completes application.
Blue Mountain Academy, Hamburg, PA.
New Member Scholarship
Families that have been recently baptized within past 12 months
Tuition discount per first four semesters: 75%, 50%, 50%, and 25%
At least one parent be baptized. No form to complete.
Church Evangelism
Wachovia Elementary & Secondary LOANS
Families that apply
$1,000 up to $20,000.
As low as $25 monthly payments on
 20 year loans