Gettysburg Adventist Christian School

Helping Me Be the Me God Made Me to Be
More About Our School
Adventist education has been in existence since the 1850’s. It holds the distinction of being the largest Protestant school system in the world. Adventist education has always stood for excellence. Students consistently rank higher than the nation on standardized tests. Over two-thirds of Adventist high school students continue on to college.

The Gettysburg Adventist Christian School was founded in the 1950’s. In 2001 the school was moved to this new facility.   Our school contains three classrooms with an outstanding library, and kitchen.  It sets on over 4 acres of land with playground and sport fields. 

Our student to teacher ratio averages 10:1. Like all Adventist schools, it is open to families of other religious faiths who desire a safe environment to learn good Christian values and develop high academic standards. 

Our primary focus is to encourage each child in their relationship with Jesus. A strong curriculum with faith-based learning is being taught by teachers that model Christian living and are well prepared for the task.

In addition to the 4 R’s (Religion, Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmatic) all students participate in music programs including choral and hand chimes and guitar for the upper graders 5-8.   Regular Field trips enhance our curriculum.  Annual outdoor school gives students ample opportunity to study nature, God’s second book. Our Bible and Academic Fairs have been very successful.  Read More

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