Gettysburg Adventist Christian School

Helping Me Be the Me God Made Me to Be
The Gettysburg Adventist Christian School is open for all to attend regardless of religious affiliation or non at all!  

Being a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is not a  requirement but we do provide a tuition subsidy for its member students.  

Our schools maintain high academic and citizenship stand- ards.  Students consistently rank higher than the nation on standardized tests. Over two-thirds of Adventist high school students continue on to college. Although Bible is taught as a subject and spiritual guidance is  integrated throughout the curriculum, non-Adventists who have attended  the school and their parents have not found our teachings offensive. We  teach what is from the Bible.  Except for the subjects Science, Health, Bible, and a few  stories within our "adapted Reading" Life series, we use typical  textbook materials often used in public school. 

In addition to the 4 R’s (Religion, Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmatic) all students participate in music programs including choral and hand chimes and guitar for the upper graders 5-8.   Regular field trips enhance our curriculum.  Annual outdoor school gives students ample opportunity to study nature, God’s second book. Our Bible and academic fairs have been very successful.  
Gettysburg Adventist School does not specialize in, nor cater to severe cases of learning dis-abilities and gifted programs. However, we do  consult with local school districts regarding special services, and  utilize the services of the Lincoln Inter-mediate Unit 12, an Adams County specialist for remedial  math, reading, giftedness and speech therapy.
Historical Gettysburg benefits from the amenities of nearby cities but it, no doubt,  has a small town feel.  Our school is situated in a rural setting that is perfect for learning.  We are within easy access (1-2 hours) of Harrisurg, Baltimore and Washington D.C.
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